Why every man should have at least one man bag

by Dori C.

Every guy needs to get a pouch bag. Every woman needs to get the men in their lives pouch bags. It is a must-have.

We have seen the evolution of bags over the years. In years past, there were no pockets in clothes, so men depended on small purses to carry necessities like money and spices. The industrial revolution now birthed heavy bags that people could use to commute from one point to another, and it was called the briefcase (those bags with metallic locks). World War saw the advent of heavy and sturdy bags that soldiers could use to pack supplies and ammunitions. Then during the later part of the 20th century and early part of the 21st century, cross body bags became a thing.

Why is all this important? It is so that you understand the season that we are in. Since most of our clothes are designed with pockets, having a pouch bag is a must. And be assured that they will be around for a long time. Very long time.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you must have a pouch bag, or get one for your loved ones:

Man Bag (1)
  • High quality: Have you ever been in a situation where you spent so much money on a fashion accessory and it started showing signs of decay after six months? Remember how angry you felt? Be assured that this will not be the case with our men’s pouch. The phone holster is made with top-notch holster and the inner material is made up of high-grade polyester material. Furthermore, our level of professionalism also speaks in the way our product finishing is always neat and precise.
  • The size is more than enough: Most people see the word ‘pouch’ and are suddenly skeptical because they believe that it is very small. But the size of our men’s pouch is big enough to hold a lot of things, ranging from your smartphones, sunglasses, cigarette, as many cards as you have, extra cash, driver’s license, and any other thing you might need immediately. The approximate size is about 4 x 2 x 7, that is, the length, breadth, and height.
  • It has several compartments: You know those types of houses where you enter a room and it has different rooms within it, and each room consists of different smaller rooms within it as well. That is exactly what this pouch looks like. It consists of two main separate compartments held by their respective zippers, then it has two small pockets inside the main compartments and a pocket with magnetic closure. Talk about all-in-one goodness!
  • You can turn it to anything you want: The beautiful thing about our men’s pouch is that you can convert it to anything you want. It comes with a shoulder strap, carabiner, and a belt loop, so you can turn it to a backpack, a waist bag, etc.
  • Free goodies: When you get our men’s pouch for yourself or loved ones, you get a beautiful attachable key chain, and you will be very surprised at how good it is
Man Bag (3)

You definitely want to join the winning team right now and get your man bag. Doing so is right. Make sure you do not let anything touch you

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