3 Easy Methods On How To Maintain A Deep Wave Hair Wig

by Dori C.

The deep wave hairstyle is a very luxurious style to have. Even though the style makes one look fantastic, it requires maintenance. Like most wigs, taking good care of them ensures that the wig lasts longer. Furthermore, deep wave hair is no different. Gentle care on the hair will ensure that it lasts longer and maintains the same new look. Therefore, if you want to learn how to maintain the deep wave hair wig, below are three easy methods.

Three easy methods on how to maintain a deep wave hair wig

1. Washing the hair

Just like real normal hair, deep wave hair also requires washing. The purpose of washing the wig is to remove any particles that may have stuck, oil, and build-up. In addition, washing the hair also to gives it a fresher look. Therefore, part of maintenance involves washing the deep wave hair with the right shampoo and the right method. Below are a few steps on how to wash your hair:

  • Using your fingers, comb the hair to reduce any tangles that may have formed. The purpose of combing the hair with your fingers is to reduce any tearing that may occur as you wash.
  • The next step to washing your hair is to apply a pre-conditioner treatment.
  • Once you are done, get in the shower.
  • Moisturize the deep wave hair with a leave-in conditioner. Ensure to saturate your hair with the conditioner. Also, use your fingers to apply the conditioner in a downward motion. Once you are done, wait out for ten minutes.
  • Once done with the moisturizing process, rinse out your hair in a downward motion. The purpose of rinsing out the hair is to ensure that all the conditioner is completely removed from the hair. It would also help if you used a lot of water to rinse out the hair deeply. Also, ensure that your fingers easily move down the hair. If you feel any tangles in your hair, it is best to condition your hair again to remove any tangles present.

2. Deep wave hair maintenance when it loosens

Over time, it is natural for the deep wave curls to loosen. But the best thing about the deep wave hair wig is that it is made from virgin hair. Therefore, you can opt to curl it with a curling iron while using low volume heat, or you can use plastic curlers to set. Therefore, while purchasing deep wave hair, it is essential to note that proper hair maintenance is crucial.

3. Use of silk scarf

While sleeping, it is crucial to avoid cotton cover heads and pillowcases. The best type of material to use to cover your head while sleeping is a silk scarf or pillow. Also, while working out, you can use a silk scarf on your hair, though this is optional.


The deep wave hair wig also needs maintenance to maintain the fantastic fresh look like real normal hair. Therefore, if you follow the above guidelines well, your deep wave hair can last longer. Also, while purchasing a conditioner, ensure to get the right one.

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