Modern fashion accessories that make you look classy

by Dori C.

Looking fabulous is not just about your stylish dress but also about everything else you’re wearing. Accessories like a personalized necklace, earrings, shoes, bags, and more are essential to a glamorous look.

Typically, an accessory is anything you wear that isn’t a part of your clothes. Your perfume is an accessory, and so is your headscarves and watch. However, as with all things fashion, not all beautiful accessories are appropriate for all wears or events.

A famous saying is that people look at your dress, shoes, accessories, and judge you within three seconds. So, thinking hard on your dress accessories is vital to getting a favorable impression from most people. Here are the top choices in dress accessories for a woman.


A fabulous shoe is both an essential accessory and an attractive investment. The shoe you’re wearing (leather pumps or canvas, among others) is a statement for you without any actual words. Boots and bold colors are for young girls and speak of adventurism and braveness. On the other hand, sandals and classic shoes are the statement of choice for dresses.


For millennia, necklaces have been a symbol of feminism, beauty, and wealth. Much like shoes, the type of jewelry you wear speaks on the kind of life you’re living. Some necklace has pendants, and others have lockets while some are long and others short. For dresses, it’s better to go for a personalized necklace than any other type.


Bracelets are another ancient choice in dress accessories for women that isn’t fading anytime soon. While the bracelet is no centerpiece to your evening wear, it does add some elegance. Your type of dress should influence the type of bracelet you settle for wearing. However, while mixing styles is acceptable, be sure to maintain that simple elegance and Magnifique.


Your dress is never complete without a suitable bag on hand. You don’t even have to spend a fortune on a handbag to look fabulous. You’re free to use it as long as it’s in good shape and beautiful and matches your dress. Note that bags for school are different from those for dinner and work.


You don’t need a husband to wear a ring, simply make sure it’s on the right finger. Rings add elegance and wealth to your wears in a way nothing else does. If you can’t afford a personalized one, go for something eye-catching that makes a statement. The good news is that rings combine well with every other dress accessory barring some rare exceptions.


A watch is more than a tool for telling time; it’s also a form of self-expression. Match your wristwatch to your dress patterns and colors for the most beautiful look. It should also harmonize with your bracelet if you’re wearing any.


Sunglasses are the latest accessory in a lady’s handbag. While they were created for eye protection, they are now more statements than function. Investing in the right sunglasses can transform your most dreadful look into a fashion statement.

Final Thought

Other fashionable accessories include scarves, earrings, anklets, customized name necklace and many more. The key to dress accessories is ensuring they’re in good shape and individually beautiful. However, women’s dress accessories only add to what’s already there, so never depend on them.

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