7 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Gold Plated Necklace

by Dori C.

While gold is the most popular metal for plating, other metals such as silver and rose gold are also frequently used. And with good reason: Plating a necklace in another precious metal makes it look more special, adding a certain je ne sais quoi that diamonds simply cannot match. If you want to make your plated necklace truly unique, take a look at these 7 creative ways to personalize your own gold plated necklace.

Engraved Necklace

Instead of simply engraving “I Love You” on your necklace’s gold-plated chain, why not engrave a special message? You can use a special gold-plated engraving pen to carve a meaningful message, or you can use a laser engraving machine and create a more intricate design. Laser engraving machines are relatively affordable, especially if you buy one suitable for making engraved jewelry. Laser engraving is not only a great way to personalize your gold necklace, but it is also an excellent method for engraving other objects, such as furniture or even your home’s walls. You can laser engrave multiple designs, so you can create a necklace that truly reflects your taste and personality.


One creative way to personalize a gold necklace is to stamp it. Instead of simply engraving “I Love You” on your necklace’s chain, why not stamp a gift card, drawing, or logo on it? This can be a fun way to add a little extra flair to your jewelry, creating custom-made pieces for special occasions or for gifts. Alternatively, you can also stamp your necklace with a meaningful saying, such as “I Miss You” or “You are My Life.” Stampers are relatively affordable, and they are easy to use. You can even find stampers with large ink pads that can create a wide range of designs.

Enamel Pendant

Gold plating is not the only way to make a pendant. You can also create gold-plated enamel jewelry, which is much more durable. When plating enamel jewelry, be aware that the gold color is created by copper, so the piece will get copper stains if it touches anything that contains copper. If you want the gold plating to last longer, you can apply an enamel plating service. Enamel plating works in a very different way from gold plating. First, the jewelry piece is dipped in a liquid that contains metallic ions. After the liquid has hardened, the piece is then dipped in an enamel plating bath. And because enamel plating does not involve a base metal, the jewelry piece is plated in a single layer. Enamel plating is great for creating custom designs and for creating durable, custom-made pieces.

Hanging Beads

When plating necklaces, you can also consider replacing the chain with a thicker cord. You can create a custom necklace by hanging beads of your choice on this thicker cord. Looking to create a more elegant look? Consider using crystals or gemstones. You can use beads made of clay, glass, wood, or other materials to create a more muted look. Beads are relatively inexpensive, and they are easy to replace as well. If you choose to hang your necklace, you can use a chain hanger with a clasp.

Chain Wrapping

Another unique way to personalize a gold necklace is to wrap its chain. Wrapping the chain can be a great way to add texture to the piece, or you can wrap the chain around itself. Depending on the thickness of the chain you use, this can be a quick and easy way to personalize your necklace. Chain wrapping can also be a good choice if you do not want to hang your necklace. This is because you can wrap the chain around itself, which creates a much neater, more streamlined look.

Mail Art Necklace

In many countries, it is common for people to send “mail art” to one another. This can be a great way to create custom necklaces. In fact, the first mail art necklace was created in the 1960s, and these days, mail art is a popular way to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. To create a mail art necklace, you will need to prepare a canvas. You can use an old T-shirt, canvas sheet, or even a piece of paper. Then, prepare your paints, inks, or other supplies, depending on the design you have in mind. You can then create a design on the canvas, using water-based paints or other methods. Once your design is complete, place the canvas in the middle of a piece of string. Then, wrap the string around the canvas, so that it forms a circle. You can create a variety of designs by varying the colors, shapes, and textures that you use when making your mail art necklace.

Polishing Tip

When your gold-plated necklace begins to lose its shine, you can use a polishing cloth to restore it to its former glory. This cloth can be used with both gold and silver plated jewelry, and it can be used for both small and large polishing tasks. When using a polishing cloth to restore the shine to your necklace, you can use either a soft or hard cloth. Soft cloths are best for cleaning small areas, while hard cloths are better for larger polishing jobs. How often you polish your necklace depends on the type of cloth you use. Depending on the type of cloth you use, you can polish your necklace once a week or once every two weeks. When polishing your necklace, be careful not to scratch the plating or the case. Before polishing, place your necklace in the case to protect it from scratches. Then, gently wipe your necklace with the polishing cloth, using circular motions.


If you are looking to personalize your gold-plated necklace, consider using stamps, engraving, or polishing to add a unique touch to your pendant. Gold-plated necklaces are often worn by celebrities, and they can make a great gift, especially for special occasions. Whether you are looking to create a more simple, subtle look or a more elaborate design, there are a variety of ways to personalize your necklace.

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