DIY Bathroom Renovation Planning Guide for Newbies

by Dori C.

Renovating a bathroom is no easy project and requires plenty of consideration, preparation, meticulous planning, and flawless execution. The amount of effort is even greater if it is your first time, and you plan to do it on your own.

But if you are an excellent craftsman and have the time to embark on a project like a bathroom renovation, you shouldn’t be intimated by the task ahead.

To make things easier, we have listed a set of steps that can help you plan the renovation project. That way, the task will be much easier, and the work will go smoother.

Below we have a step by step guide, with an approximate timeline included, which is designed for a mid-size bathroom suitable for three to four people. However, every project is different. Therefore, use this timeline to get some sense and make adjustments suited to your project. 

Step #1 (five or six months to start)

The first thing you need to do is to research local building regulations that govern do-it-yourself projects. Some communities have their own rules for this type of project, and you need to make sure you are complacent with their regulations.

Furthermore, at this point, you need to start looking at ideas, products, layouts, and designs. Also, you need to make a budget for your bathroom renovation. That way, you know your financial and design limits. You will know what is within your budget limit and what not.

Step #2 (four months before start)

At this point, you need to decide whether you will draw the floorplan or you will hire a professional to deal with it. Regardless of who makes it, make sure that you have a copy everywhere you go.

Also, create a list of all the necessary tools, materials, equipment, elements, and other products. Websites like Myhomeware and others are perfect for finding great deals on all things baths. 

Step #3 (three months before start)

Decide which bathroom elements you will buy and make the purchase. Make sure that you got everything from your list, a warranty for each one of them, and enough storage for all of them.

Step #4 (30 days before start)

Arrange for a dumpster if needed, double-check if you have everything you need (materials, elements, tools, products, etc.), and make a bathroom contingency plan. 

Step #5 (one week to start)

Empty the bathroom and make sure that you can work without disturbance. Make arrangements for pets and kids as well. Also, set a place where you can clean your tools. 

Step #6 (start working)


Get to work and make sure that everything is lined up as it should. When it’s done, make sure you clean the bath thoroughly, there are no materials left lying around, and air vents are in working condition.

If you are the craftsman you think you were, then you will be proud of the work you’ve done. If not, then you can always call the professionals for help.

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