Vital Information Concerning Frequently Used Types Of Patches For Clothes

by Dori C.

One of the easiest ways of identified individuals is by dressing them with embroidered patches.

Consequently, various types of patches for clothes are manufactured by organizations such as Mall Patches for use in different fields. For instance, embroidered patches are commonly used in the medical field, by police and military, sports, and scouts, among others. However, there are different types of badges as discussed in this article.  

  • Woven patches

Unlike other types that embroider threads into a fabric, woven patches are made by waving thinner threads together. The patches in question are suitable for complex or too detailed designs. Consequently, these patches attain finer details both in text and design.

  • Embroidered patches

Arguably, embroidered patches are the most common type of patches, mostly used in hats, uniforms, jackets, and other kinds of clothes. Threads are used in making the patches in question. However, the percentage coverage of the embroidery differs in amount. For instance, some products may contain 75% embroidery, 50% embroidery, and 100% embroidered. 

  • Printed patches

Conversely, printed patches are types that involve photographs, text, or design printing in a piece plain twill fabric. The printing in question uses a process referred to as dye sublimation. It uses ink to ensure that the design is fused into the fabric. Consequently, the patches type in question does not have a color limitation.

  • Bullion crests

On this type, skilled artisans have specialized in handcraft in custom patches. The patches incorporate the embroidery, but still, they are sturdier and thicker than the embroidered patches. The bullion crest type also adds other materials such as velvet, metallic threads, wire, beads, and felt.

  • Chenille patches 

The chenille patches are also referred to as letterman patches. They are made of two layers, the top, and the bottom. However, the chenille patch can be designed to resemble numbers, letter, words, or custom shapes. Consequently, they are commonly used in varsity sweaters and jackets.

  • Name patches  

In most cases, name patches are commonly used on company shirts. However, the patch in question is only available in two colors. Most organizations prefer using it because it is a patch price friendly to them. The name patches type is usually perfect for a non-fussy working environment.

  • Blank patches

Likewise, the type of patches in question is largely applied in work shirts and uniforms. They do not have a specific design, thus giving you a chance to print or embroider the design of your choice. Consequently, they are relatively efficient since different designs can be achieved easily.

  • In conclusion

Generally, different types of patches for clothes crate a variety of choices for the consumers. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the intended use. Therefore, it is crucial to understand all the types of patches and their best field application before settling on one model. However, the article gives some vital information you should know concerning the frequently used patch types.

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