How To Choose The Right Adhesive Bra

by Dori C.

Sticky bras are a great invention. They allow the user to get the right coverage needed, coupled with the support they require. This is regardless of the type of shirt they are wearing. Thanks to some support they receive from the innovative bras, clients can wear backless shirts or dresses with specific odd cutouts at the back without any concern.  The only impending issue that most clients have is getting the right adhesive bra. Here are some of the elements to guide you in picking the right Niidor Adhesive Bra.

  • Size as the Main Consideration

Selecting the right size of adhesive bra is vital. The bra should fit well if not, it’ll fail to adhere to the breasts. If you wear a larger size than the standard size D cup, you need to choose the usual type of bra because adhesives will enhance the size of your breasts, thereby, giving them a more significant appearance. Thinner bras will provide you with a natural look. Before selecting a bra, ensure that you decide what effect you’d like. More lightweight adhesives give an edgy look. 

  • Go for Padded Versions

Padded adhesive bras can enhance your look. Other than that, sizing is an element that varies among brands. It’s, therefore, essential to go for an adhesive bra that has a padded version. Besides, sizing your look, it is also an essential factor to consider when selecting a bra. If you’re not sure about the right type of adhesive bra you should purchase, you can go for an individualized size of bra that fits you.

  • Consider Getting A Professional Fitter 

Seeking professional assistance is essential in helping you to ensure that the bra fits appropriately. It’s highly likely that you have been wearing the wrong size of adhesive bra for years. This is without noticing that you need the right size. By using a professional fitter, you’ll be able to get out of such misery.

Adhesive Bra
  • Watch Out For Common Issues

There are common adhesive bra-fitting issues when it comes to getting the right size of adhesive bra. You need to be familiar with these issues as you plan to purchase that bra. They are problems associated with the bra straps that are digging. This majorly occurs when the adhesives are tight or too loose. However, the other issue could also be associated with the size, which influences the type of adhesive bra to purchase in the long run.

  • Look At The Quality

When it comes to buying the right adhesive bra, quality is a significant determinant. Since such bras can only be worn up to 70 times, you should go for high quality. This implies that it has a longer wear time compared to substandard quality. Lastly, always ensure you select a washable and reusable adhesive bra.

  • A Look At The Strength of The Cups

Adhesive bras don’t have straps. They stick to your body without these bands. Since they are backless as well, they don’t have a strong cup for support. They may not be the right type of bras for women with large breasts.

Take-Home Adhesive bras are made of silicon whereby their fronts parts can be covered using silicon or satin. If you wear this type of bra, you should select one that is made from silicon. Secondly, the material needs to be cared for to prolonging its life. Also, if you want to have some versatility from the bra, you should select one that has some attachment from the hypoallergenic material. In conclusion, you also need to read several independent reviews regarding adhesive bras and how to choose the right one. Familiarize yourself with different suppliers as well.

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