How to Find the Perfect Cocktail dresses?

by Dori C.

We have no strict fashion rules about using robe de cocktail. However, we have basic rules of what you need to do when using a cocktail outfit.

Many people think they know everything about using cocktail outfits. Some end up wearing the wrong outfit for their events because they had no understanding of what it means to use these outfits.

Tips for buying that perfect cocktail dresses

Know how to select your cocktail dresses

You should know that the length of your cocktail outfit matters. You can either pick the cloth above the knee or the one that can touch the floor. 

These two lengths offer you different outlooks. For those who want a slimming appearance, they can make use of cocktail outfits that are above their knees. The trick of using the right dress is to get the perfect fabric.

Know your body shape

It will help if you consider your body shape before you buy your cocktail outfit. Your body shape has a lot to do with the way your outfits can appear on you.

Find the perfect outfit that can suit your body shape.

1. Pear body shape

What does it mean to have a pear body shape? You have an elongated or slender upper body, bigger thighs and hips than your upper body, and a smaller bust.

The cocktail dresses to use:

  • You should make use of an A-line skirt or buy any waistline outfit. You need an outfit that can concentrate on your lower body.
  • Go for outfits with two-toned colors: The darker colors should be on your bottom while the lighter colors should go on top.
  • With padded shoulders, the outfit can blend with your bottom and top appearance.

2. Straight body shape

The person has slender legs, some visible body curves, and petite bottom and chest.

The outfit to use:

  • You should make use of outfits with different layers.
  • For the waist to be accentuated, use surplice tops when you wear a skirt that flows around you.
  • Rock a peplum jacket with your cocktail suit.

3. Round body shape

The person has a wider appearance; thin or thick legs and outwardly curved waists.

The outfit to use:

  • Buy the V-shaped necklines.
  • Use beautiful accessories that are eye-catching.
  • The waistline outfits can do the magic.

4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The person has petite hips, a narrow waistline, and the shoulders are broad.

The outfit to use:

  • Go for outfits with asymmetrical hemlines.
  • Any neutrally colored top and flair skirt can help.
  • Cocktail suits with wide legs are great.

5. Oversized Hour Glass Body Shape

The body appears with a small bone structure, large hips and chest, and tiny waist.

The outfit to use:

  • Make use of monotone-colored cocktail outfits.
  • The loosely fitting outfits can help you.
  • Use eye-catching accessories to bring attention to your curves.


Styling is essential when it comes to cocktail outfits. You should pick the perfect outfit that can accentuate your body shape.

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