Makeup revolutionary Waterproof Eyeliner

by Dori C.

Packaging: Eyeliner stretched on a smooth black plastic bottle cap. The fine NIB applicator is connected to the cap. The long tail hat provides a good grasp and helps to smooth and make a fuss about free application of eyeliner.

What I like make-up revolutionary waterproof liquid eyeliner:

  1. The eyeliner has a black color and no glare.
  2. It has perfect consistency, neither too thick nor too flowing.
  3. It has a slight smell of alcohol and is not annoying.
  4. The brush is of good quality and easy to use.
  5. It has a good pigmentation and is opaque in a single stroke.
  6. It worked quite fast and shiny.
  7. I have oily eyelids. It stays on my lid for 2 hours without getting dirty.
  8. It doesn’t hurt my sensitive eyes.
  9. It is waterproof.
  10. The fine tip of the applicator is ideal for drawing wing lining.
  11. The two wipe is enough to cover one eyelid and give strong black.
  12. It can be easily removed with a mild facial cleanser.
  13. For women with normal eyelids and dry eyelids.

What I do not like make-up revolutionary waterproof eye liner:

  1. It began to smear and smear on my oily eyelid for 1-2 hours.
  2. No color on eye patch.
  3. Usability can be a problem and is not easy to store locally.
  4. The quantity offered is very small.
  5. If you accidentally touch the lid, it will start to peel off.
  6. There are many better options within this price range.

Makeup Revolution Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Price in India : Rs.500 for 3ml

Product information:

Name: make-up revolutionary Waterproof Eyeliner

Shelf life: 2 years

Claim: this easy-to-use liquid eyeliner is strong color and lasts all day. Brushes allow you to easily control the line to create desired effects and quick drying formulations to ensure that it does not stain once applied.


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