Do You Know How to Use a Wax Vaporizer

by Dori C.

What is the meaning of a wax vaporizer?

A wax vaporizer/wax pen/wax vaporizer pen is an exceptional type pen meant for dab consumption. And what are dabs? They refer to small Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrates, rather than your typical e-juice or dry herb. Thus, dubbing refers to the vaporization of oily or waxy concentrated substances.

Wax vaporizers come in various styles such as portable, and desktop, among other dab vaporizer styles. They heat through convection or conduction systems. Whereas some have coil-less mechanisms, others have various coil options like titanium, ceramic, and dual rod quartz coils.

How does a wax vaporizer work?

That is pretty simple; the dab pen battery sucks the e-juice into the heating component (coil). The e-juice then vaporizes, changing from its liquid state to a vapor state. Then, by using the mouthpiece found at the top of the pen, you inhale the vapor. That is it very simple.

Now that you know how a wax vaporizer works, how do you use it?

The use of a wax pen is similar to the use of a wax tank. The following are a few tips on how you can use your wax vaporizer to ensure you get the best out of the vaporizing experience;

1. Ensure you attach the wax vaporizer correctly to the mod,

2. Take away the portion on top of the wax vaporizer,

3. Using a dab tool, pick your wax in a small quantity,

4. Cautiously put your dab on top of the coil directly,

5. To begin with, use the lowest suggested setting for the wax pen,

6. Throb the pen’s fire button gently to ensure the wax melts in,

7. To prevent your dab pen from clogging or leaking, avoid over-packing it,

8. To inhale the produced vapor via the mouthpiece, continuously press the pen’s fire button, and

9. In case the steam doesn’t hit you hard enough, consider increasing the wattage.

How do you benefit from using a wax vaporizer?

The use of a wax vaporizer comes with multiple benefits. Some of them include;

1. The wax pen is highly portable, and therefore it is most suitable for traveling,

2. It enables you to dab using your mod,

3. It quickly swaps out with the typical pen,

4. The flavor it produces is good, and

5. It provides for a convenient way of dabbing,

What are some of the setbacks you can expect from a wax vaporizer?

Of course, it would be unfair not to mention a few disadvantages that include;

1. The wax vaporizer pen needs to be used with a mod,

2. The heating coil is prone to fail and therefore should be replaced from time to time

3. The wax pen needs frequent maintenance altogether.

The Bottom-line

Wax vaporizer is among the latest and best ways of dabbing. It makes your mod a highly portable dabbing station that you can always carry with you. Regardless of whether you have a rig, owning a wax pen is useful while on the move. It is practical and far much convenient to use.

In case you are a frequent traveler, or you wish to have a more tasteful way of dabbing, then a wax vaporizer is an option for you. Simply attach it on your mod, load it with wax, and then begin to dab. The wattage choice is up to you.  

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