How to nail red eye shadow

by Dori C.

Red is a kind of eye shadow that looks gorgeous on the packaging or on the runway, but it needs serious techniques to have it successfully in real life. Although the red eye shadow is totally frightening, we have seen countless celebrities open their darkening shadows on the red carpet, making us eager to try.

If you’ve found yourself attracted to this look, but a little scared, you may end up looking a bit like a vampire, and we have tips and techniques to help you put them together without the Twilight characters.

Tasteless and insipid

The red eye shadow of Jenaye Noah looks at Cannes 2017 (pictured above) is the perfect daily version, because it is lightly smeared with brown hints. This is not the perfect match for her bright red dress.

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Brighten your eyes first.

If your white eyes are even a little red (we haven’t even talked about bloodstains all over the body), the red shadows will only highlight it more. The last thing is that your make-up makes you look tired, or worse, sick. Use a few drops of VISIN before trying this picture.

Lightly spread on the bottom.

Too much shadow along the lower eyelash line will make you look sick. Like Noah, stick to a mild dusting. It makes the appearance of a complete circle, without deepening the skin around the eyes too much, creating a depression effect.

Smoked eyes

If you want a bold look like Rooney Mara, mix red and reddish brown shadows to create Burgundy’s smoky eyes. Don’t forget to brighten your eyes with the shadow of the inner corner to balance the color.

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