How to choose the best Ankara style

by Dori C.

Nothing speaks class, creativity, and elegance than Ankara clothes!

You should have at least one Ankara cloth in your wardrobe. It is one of the best investments you can make in your life because they hardly go out of fashion. Plus, they are transformative and multi-dimensional. You can wear it the way you like, and go anywhere you want with it.

So, how can you choose the best Ankara style?

You may have looked at the latest Ankara styles around and found it hard to make a choice. You may be wondering if it’ll suit your body type.

Well, there is good news. Here are the best ways to choose an Ankara style for your next outfit.

  • Know the basics: The main features of the latest Ankara styles are the forms, designs and colors. You have to know what you want in terms of these three features before you can choose an appropriate style.
  • Print: You should also consider the print of the material because they determine, to a large extent, how the material will look on you. Will it be polka dots, stripes, flowery ornaments, traditional prints, geometric or classical prints, or modern embroidery? They also determine the style that can be sewn. Some styles will look awkward on a stripe material, but look gorgeous on a material with modern embroidery. The choice is yours!
  • Occasion/event: What event or occasion are you rocking this dress to? The latest Ankara styles for work are often short gowns that allow flexibility and spontaneity. Wedding Ankara style dresses are usually long, and the designs are more complicated. Casual Ankara styles are usually a blend of both, depending on the design
  • Length of the cloth: The length of the Ankara gown brings out the beauty of the design.
  • Long Ankara style gowns are often perfect for tall and slim people. It’s also good for fat people. But it’s not good for short people because the beauty is covered up.

You need at least one long Ankara style gown in your wardrobe, and it must be a simple yet versatile design that can be worn to both work, meetings, social events, or occasions.

The best part about long gowns is that they can be used with sequins and embroidery. Lovely!

  • Short Ankara style gowns: These offer more flexibility and convenience than long Ankara gowns (yeebia). It makes one look elegant and can be worn to any occasion or event. It’s perfect for short people. If you’re going with a short gown, you have to complete the look with the right set of bright-colored accessories.  You can emphasize the waist area by wearing peplum short gowns. You can also use decorative elements to accessorize the top to increase breast volume.
  • Medium length: This is universally acceptable. It can be worn in and out of season to every occasion. It fits everyone, both short and tall, thin and fat.

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