Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Gothic Lolita

by Dori C.

Japanese fashion subculture has over the years evolved into powerful and interesting factions including the Lolita community. Various designs including sweet Lolita, classic, punk and gothic Lolita are some of the most common styles at lolitastylefashion.com. With the gothic being able to transcend easily from one continent to another, it has become trendy. However, even with many people embracing Gothic Lolita style, it’s shocking to see there is still little understanding of it. Below are simple gothic Lolita guidelines you should stick to.

1. Gothic Lolita Colors

Nothing screams amateur as much as choosing the wrong color when choosing clothes on Gothic Lolita fashion. Staying true to traditional Goth, dark colors are primarily used. This includes blues, reds, black and purples. A mix of cream and white are used to accentuate the gothic designs. When choosing gothic Lolita colors, steer clear from pastels and bright colored materials.

2. Gothic Lolita Skirt

Usually, most gothic Lolita skirts worn are usually a one piece dress that covers a part of the blouse. The aim in this is to highlight the black embellishment hence make the darks stand out more. However, a gothic jumper skirt can also be used for variety. When you pick this option, ensure that the skirt you choose sits naturally at the waist and not at your hips for a polished look. When choosing opt for a longer length skirt that falls just below the knee to differentiate it with Ero Lolita style.

Gothic Lolita

3. Gothic Lolita Socks Or Stockings:

Socks and stockings are an integral part of the gothic style. This Lolita cloth piece enhances the modesty of the fashion style, and hence it’s essential to invest in some quality pieces. Usually, the stockings rest above the knee overlapping with the skirt to ensure no skin is shown. For convenience, most people prefer tights as they do not need any extra purchase and have a steady hold. However, if you are choosing to wear stocking, invest in a garter that will aid you in holding up your stockings in place for a seamless look.

4. Gothic Lolita Footwear:

The color scheme of the footwear remains the same throughout, and it should be black or at least dark colored. Unlike other Lolita fashion styles, gothic allows a wide variety of choices hence the use of strappy shoes; Mary Jane’s and boots are acceptable choices. Embellishments such as frills, chains, and plaid accents can be used to add a little character to your footwear and help with coordination with the rest of your outfit.

Gothic Lolita

5. Gothic Lolita Makeup

As most of the outfit is dark, some people opt to keep the gothic makeup light and natural.  However, most people opt to add a lot of drama, and smoky eyes have become a must-have for this Japanese street fashion. As it all depends on your personal choice;  how you do your make up is entirely up to you. Remember even as you can do it as wild or as mild as you desire, you shouldn’t aim for a raccoon look alike.  


Following the above guideline will aid you in choosing gothic Lolita fashion in the right way. Overall, when choosing a dress from Lolita style fashions, ensure that you select the right dress fit to look good and feel great.

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