10 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Vixen Sew-In Hair Weave

by Dori C.

If you want to get instant volume or transform your look in a matter of minutes then changing your hair is the simplest solution. One way you can get great results is investing in Vixen Sew-Ins. However, choosing a Vixen sew-in hair weave can be a real challenge especially if you are starting. Unfortunately, because everyone has heard horror stories regarding hair, you can’t afford to choose one without some background information. Below are tips and tricks to get you started

  • 1. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Length

When deciding to get vixen sew-in on natural hair, one major aspect that you have to consider is the length. Ideally, you want to choose a hair length that flatters you and goes in hand with your current lifestyle. If you want different lengths in the same hair, invest in a single or double drawn hair. As it has varying lengths in each bundle, it gives off the most realistic look.

  • 2. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Texture

One of the major benefits of vixen sew-ins is that it doesn’t matter if you are planning to install Vixen sew in with short hair or long hair. One thing that matters, however, is the weave texture. Depending on the manufacturing company, legitimacy of company and clientele, different companies offer a different weave texture quality. Though your budget might be restrictive, aim to choose hair weave texture that is smooth and silky to the touch

  • 3. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Color

One of the many highlights in a vixen sew-in tutorial is how to choose the proper color. Vixen hair weave exists in different colors to attract many people and give you the flexibility of versatility. Take full advantage of this and choose hair that comes in a color which you can use without requiring any additional investment.

Vixen sew-in hair weave 4
  • 4. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Type

Technological improvement is reflected in the hair and beauty industry in the form of artificial products. Due to this, more artificial sew-ins weaves are being introduced in the market. When choosing, ensure you study the packaging closely. Consider if you want to invest in artificial human hair. If you have access to a hair strand, conduct a burn test. Hair that burns with white smoke and produces an ash is human hair. Artificial hair releases a sticky black smoke.

  • 5. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Leave Out Option

To ace the look and blend it to look like your real hair, consider investing in a vixen hair with leave out option. Often this comes at a lower price as it directs means investing in fewer bundles. However, seriously consider this option as it gives you a budget-friendly option of wearing your natural hair and extension.

  • 6. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Closure Option

Vixen sew-in no leave out option is a great way to have a full head protective style that can last you for months. Available closure types include the middle part, side part, and the 360 type closure. When selecting, ensure you deliberate on the kinds of hairstyles, you will be rocking. Only then will you know what vixen-sew in hair weave closure option you can invest in.

  • 7. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Pack

Do you want a thinned outlook, normal full hair head or an exaggerated look?  Well before going out to window-shop for various types of hair, consider what your go-to style is. As vixen sew-ins are sold in clusters called bundles, it allows you to know the average amount of hair you need for your desired look. As expected this translates to you knowing a rough estimate of the number of bundles to invest in.

Vixen sew-in hair weave 1
  • 8. Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Bundle Size

Before deciding to settle on one specific type of hair, consider the technical aspects of the packaging. Unfortunately, to make a greater margin of profit many companies quote the grams of the hair plus the packaging.  This leads to you investing in a smaller bundle size as you will mistakenly conclude it’s the weight of the hair. As your ability to style different vixen sew in styles is dependent on volume, ask and make sure you know exactly you are buying.  

  • 9. If The Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Is A Virgin Product

If you have a little bit of money to invest in, consider buying a virgin product.  Ideally, a virgin product is hair that is preferably from one person. What’s more, the benefit of purchasing a virgin product is that you are assured of hair that isn’t chemically processed. As it hasn’t been touched, it gives you a bit more wriggle room when styling and coloring your sew-in hair. However, if you are completely hopeless about bleaching and coloring your hair at home, then choosing a chemically processed option is better than spoiling the whole hair bundle.

  • 10. Type Of Vixen Sew In Hair Weave Weft

It is a fact that hand tied vixen hair is a bit more expensive than wefts that have been machine pressed. Often, this is because the hand tied wefts are more durable and well put together than other machine types. When picking, consider investing in a weft that won’t fall apart on your head.  This is especially so as vixen sew-in braid pattern puts a lot of tension on the hair weft of a hair. As it won’t fall apart, you will have a longer useful life and get years of return on your investment.

Vixen sew-in hair weave 2


When investing in a Vixen Sew, don’t be in a rush or get pushed to spending in hair that you aren’t completely sure of. Take your time, study it and inquire about various aspects you aren’t sure of. Overall, when choosing a Vixen sew-in hair weave, ensure you select a hair extension that meets your budget hence getting a great investment on a budget.

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