Using Notebooks for Marketing

by Dori C.

One of the most common marketing strategies today is the notebook marketing strategy or campaign adverts. If you have been at a conference in recent times, you would have been gifted at least a notebook (know more). You get to see advertising notebooks sale at trade conferences at very cheap prices. The question that begs to be answered is, “can a notebook inspire your customers?”

The influence of notebooks on marketing strategy

Notebook campaign adverts have become rampant these days for several reasons. As an entrepreneur, you must have heard or come in contact with promotional gifts. Notebooks fall into this category, depending on how you deploy them.

When running a notebook marketing strategy, you have an aim. The ultimate aim is to get into the mind of your clients and prospects. Once you can achieve this, you can attract them to purchase what you produce or sell.

Items like these make lots of impressions all year and end up bringing you a huge return on your investment. Looking at an advertising notebooks sale, there are so many types of notebooks on display.

There are the basic legal pads, the spiral-bound notepads, and then the vinyl portfolio. Many people prefer the last option because it comes with a strap to hold your USB in place.

Where’s this drifting to? It implies that notebook campaign adverts are very potent because many people cannot do without them. Just like many other promotional items, they provide a whole array of value to the user. If you can provide clients value, then you can be sure of their loyalty.

3 Notebooks

How can your notebook marketing strategy inspire your customers?

It makes scribbling ideas easier

If you still have the question of whether customers can be inspired by notebooks, the answer is YES. Pause and look back at those times when you needed to scribble things down. Maybe a new idea or some sort of “To Do” List.

Technology has provided us with so many devices and apps to do this like Evernote and our phone notepads. Regardless of this, most of us still prefer the old school method of putting ink on paper. So back to scribbling your thoughts, which would you have preferred, technology or ink and paper?

We can certify that ninety percent of the time, it is more favorable to scribble things down on paper. See why that advertising notebook sale is important?

It is way easier to remember what you wrote down by hand in a notebook. As long as you are writing for yourself, you don’t have to bother about your handwriting skills. The more you write in a notebook, the more you practice your calligraphy, but that’s by the way.

Here’s what this point is trying to prove, notebooks make it easier to scribble down ideas.


Organizes ideas for your notebook marketing strategy

This is another reason why you should take your notebook campaign adverts seriously. When you do this, you show that you care about the organization of your clients’ lives. How?

Writing ideas in a notepad seems to be more organized. This is because you can have a different notebook for a different purpose. For example, a person can have a notebook for personal projects, another for office meetings, yet another for phone numbers.

In fact, for some of us old fashioned people, we have a whole library of notebooks with different content. How were we able to gain access to the research findings of centuries before we were born? They were all documented in notebooks, all we needed to do was find the books.

So how does this inspire a person? Since you have your records in one place, you may pick up one of these books and begin reading through. What this does is cast your mind back to ideas forgotten which can be revamped and used.

Show your clients that you care about their organization using a flawless notebook marketing strategy.


Not the size, it’s the intent

Motives tend to hit people more than the actual gift. Clients are happier when they feel like you don’t just want them for the money you’d be making. It makes them feel good that you actually care about their welfare and quality of life.

When you gift out a notebook to a client, you are passing so many messages at once. It is interesting to note that all of these messages are geared toward the same direction. The organization of thoughts and actions.

An advertising notebook sale could be the key to making your customer more organized in his idea delivery. After all, he can expand on ideas right there inside the notebook.

What makes it interesting is that the contents of these notebooks can be duplicated and kept in different locations. This is the perfect insurance against loss to incidents like fire, flood, theft, etc.

Clients are appreciative of this sort of gesture. A happy client translates to an inspired client because the state of one’s mind determines the output it produces. This is why your notebook campaign adverts don’t have to be about the size, it is the intent that matters.


Add a few quotes

To be a bit more inspirational with your notebook marketing strategy, add a few quotes. You could have one quote per page. Every time your clients flip through the pages of their notepads, they get inspired.

Wondering how to get these quotes? There are so many on the internet, it will take over five million years to read through all of them. Pick a few that you think will bring out the best from your clients daily.

Working with a team might be more helpful so you achieve a bit of diversity. You cannot imagine the level of productivity this will churn out from your clients. They will find it easier to scribble their most productive thoughts and processes in these books.


Notebook marketing strategy and notebook campaign adverts go beyond generating impressions. You can do a lot more with your advertising notebook sale, especially inspire your clients. Try this out today and thank Zigpac later.

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