Wedding Trends & Dressing your Date

by Dori C.
This Saturday, my husband and I will attend our 5th wedding of the summer. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaint. An excuse to play dress-up, catch-up with friends and dance the night away is pretty much an ideal night for me, so I’m happy to partake and shed a few tears while watching friends & family stroll down the aisle.
For the amount of weddings I’ve been to this summer, my attire has pretty much remained consistent for all of them – relying heavily on above-the-knee dresses with a bold print. There isn’t anything wrong with this but I love the idea of adapting current trends to wedding-wear.
Today I’m teaming up with Paul Fredrick to share my tips on trying new trends & dressing your date! Here they go!
  • Embrace the trend: there are so many amazing trends right now that can easily translate to a wedding wear. When trying something out of the norm for a wedding, tred lightly. Try matching separates in a solid color and if wearing a crop top, choose a boxier option that shows just a peek of skin, or fake the look with a dress like this. If rocking a jumpsuit, I would choose a black version and add a bright accessory or two.
  • This isn’t prom: remember when you went tux shopping with your prom date to ensure his vest  and tie coordinated with the dress you spent months shopping for? Well, throw that ideology out the window. You’re both adults with individual style, so don’t worry about being matchy-matchy. That being said..
  • Use your date to compliment: while I don’t recommend prescribing exactly what your man should wear, you don’t want any pictures that may be captured of you two to resemble a crazy quilt your great Aunt Sue knit for you. Wearing a solid colored dress? Suggest a patterned tie or dress shirt in a complimenting color. Trying out one of the trends above? A classic suit would be the perfect pair.
  •  Suit up: This may be met with some opposition, but unless the wedding is held on the beach or on a farm, I am a strong believer in men wearing a suit as opposed to just a shirt and tie.
  • A tailor is your BFF: Not enough can be said about a well tailored suit. It’s 100% worth the money and makes your man look real good.
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