Can Lace Front Wigs Cause Hair Damage?

by Dori C.

Lace front wigs are well-known for their numerous advantages, making them a favorite option among wig wearers. Lace front wigs give the appearance of a natural hairline, allowing you to feel and look amazing while wearing your wig. However, there are several misconceptions about lace front wigs and wig use in general.

  • Can Lace Front Wigs Cause Hair Damage?
  • They don’t, to be honest. This is a frequent misconception, yet the fact is that wearing a wig has several advantages:
  • They can be used to conceal bald spots.
  • Gives you a completely different look and allows you to explore and be creative.

Overall, lace front wigs can transform you from drab to fabulous. Improper wig placement and removal, on the other hand, might result in broken, dried, or stiff hair.

Irritation of your scalp and hair can result from not following ideal wig procedures, such as not properly removing the wig or wearing it all the time. This discomfort may cause harm in the long run. As a result, maintaining your locks should also be a priority.

Do Lace Front Wigs Cause Hairline Damage?

When it comes to determining if lace front wigs harm a hairline, it’s crucial to examine how to place your wig and how you care for it and your real hair.

The procedures for application, removal and regular maintenance will all play a role in preventing damage. The organic hairlines are particularly vulnerable to injury because they are so delicate, with far less elasticity than the strands upon the rest of our heads.

Damage Prevention for Lace Front Wigs

Now that you understand that wigs and laces front wigs aren’t to fault for hairline damages, the only method to avoid lace front injury is to follow the proper wearing, fastening, removing, and caring procedures.

With your real curls, create a smooth surface.

Make careful to establish a smooth surface using your natural hair before applying your lace front wig. If you have long hair, braid it first to produce a flat surface before putting on your wig. As a result, you’ll be able to establish a strong foundation for your wig application. Your hair must have structural support before applying any glue, which should be done as soon as possible.

Use a lace front glue that is suitable.

There are particular glues meant to attach lace front wigs that you may use; specialists always advocate using these kinds of glues to prevent any harm to the hairline. After gluing the wig on your head, use just enough glue to make a sticky texture.

Carefully remove the wig.

You may obtain specific adhesive-remover to assist in detaching the lace front wigs, just like you can get the specific adhesive to add lace fronts. All you have to do is use sufficient adhesive remover to weaken the glue and remove the wig carefully and easily.

If the wig isn’t coming off readily, use additional remover and wait a few moments before actually attempting to remove it again.

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