Tips for maintaining expensive clothes

by Dori C.

In theory, it is best to spend more quality, but this is the only thing if the quality project continues. I used to have a bad habit of throwing my clothes out of the basket into the dryer instead of thinking about it. If you buy quality, this is an expensive mistake. Here’s how to take care of your clothes better.

1. Pay attention to the washing instructions

According to the fashion expert Jacqueline Curtis in the book “Crashing Money”, paying attention to the instructions for washing clothes may be one of the most important things you can do when trying to maintain your clothes. The label found at the neck or side seam of the shirt is not for decoration: it gives you a laundry description of the garment, and these instructions are to ensure that it maintains a good shape.

She went on to say: “If you know that you hate washing your hands and drying clothes, don’t buy clothes that require special care. You’d better spend your money on stronger items. Even if it’s just a theft, something that needs to be dry cleaned from In the long run, you may have to spend more money—especially when you choose to ignore the care instructions and eventually destroy it.”

2. Know your iron

Curtis also recommends that you familiarize yourself with the heat of your iron and different fabric types. When you iron, you use heat to relax the fabric fibers and flatten them. Unfortunately, if you don’t do well, you are likely to end up burning or turning yellow. Using too much heat on delicate fabrics will completely destroy them, so make sure that the fabric you iron is always using the right amount of heat,” Curtis stressed.


Steam cleaning is a mild alternative to ironing, so if you really care about maintaining the long-term integrity of your clothes, it might be a good idea to invest in a home steam purifier. Personal designer Lindsay Weiner from the style of my ASAP shows you how to properly steam the clothes in the above video.

4. Wash your clothes before washing clothes

Perrie Samotin, a senior editor at StyleCaster, recommends washing off all winter clothes before storing winter clothes, because moths are attracted to our everyday scent, such as perfumes, food and deodorants. Believe me, you don’t want moths!

5.Cedar-Scented Closet Accessories.

Here’s another anti-moth tip (moths tend to be attracted to materials like cashmere and wool, so your best debris is usually the most dangerous). SAMOTIN recommends putting cedar-scented hangers and blocks in refrigerators and drawers because moths are repelled by odors.

6. Dry clothes as much as possible.

GarmetCare. info has an article on ensuring long life of clothes that suggests drying clothes with air as much as possible, because each use of the dryer causes wear and tear, even in milder environments. Just make sure that the sweaters are flat and wet, so that they will not lose their shape.

7. Nursing stains as soon as possible

The same article also emphasizes the importance of preventing stains from lingering for a long time, because the longer they stay on clothes, the less likely you will be to remove them. So even if you come home exhausted after going out at night, try to deal with a red wine stain on your favorite shirt or dress before you fall into bed.

8.Fold, do not hang it!

On J-Crew’s swing, there’s a piece of cashmere care that reminds us to always fold sweaters instead of hanging them to keep them in shape. This is a very useful suggestion for any clothes that can be easily extended.

There is no reason to think that your best quality clothes will not last for many years. Just make sure you know the basics and don’t buy anything you know, you won’t treat it right!

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