Your Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Lingerie and Underwear

by Dori C.

Lingerie and underwear are not easy to shop for, especially if you are a plus-size woman. You may not be in a position to try them out before purchasing because that would not be sanitary. You may also not know if it is comfortable until you have worn it for about 8 hours. When lingerie is uncomfortable digging in or giving you the lovely wedgie, it is irritating. When you decide that you do not like the fit, you cannot return it to the shop. For that reason, you need to know how to shop for wholesale plus size lingerie.

1. Consider getting the right size

One significant expert suggestion for people who want to purchase plus size lingerie is making sure that you get the right size. It should match your body too. To ensure that you get the right size, you need to check the plus size guide to avoid errors. Be aware of your body size and curves since there is a broad range of plus-size models that can make you experience love at first sight.

2. Prioritize support over anything else

When choosing plus size lingerie, support needs to be your top priority. If the intimate wear you purchase fails to provide enough support for the curves, it will not flatter your figure. Therefore, you will feel uncomfortable wearing it.

Unfortunately, most lingerie companies do not always take the plus size women’s requirements for support into consideration when designing the flimsy, bracelet-like wears that flood the market.

When picking out lingerie that you will not wear outside your bedroom’s privacy, support is essential. You, however, mustn’t limit the options to pieces with underwire cups. Because you could often be moving in the bedroom, you should pick lingerie with maximum support.

3. Consider comfort

Your lingerie accompanies your day-to-day life. It is, therefore, essential that you choose comfortable lingerie wear. To feel good every day, look for lingerie pieces with sightly wider sides, including a reinforced plus size bra coupled with underwear and higher waistlines to help keep everything in place as you acquire that sexy look.

4. Flatter your curves

Plus size lingerie pieces are designed to help manipulate your shape while creating an illusion that you have a different figure than the one you have. Even though the idea of showing off that slim hourglass figure is often tempting for many, you will feel sexier if you choose lingerie that can flatter your figure rather than hiding it.

For that reason, you should boost your confidence with intimate wear that accentuates your physical assets while drawing attention away from your physical insecurities.

Final Thoughts

Choosing lingerie should be exciting, so it is a shame that the shopping process always ends up being stressful that many women dread. Put the fun back into the lingerie shopping by continually experimenting with several styles. You should rely on the favorite pieces collected by dust in the closet for years. You can expand your horizons by trying on various styles you have never considered buying before.

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