I Believe In // Having Perspective

by Dori C.

A few weeks back I had a conversation with a friend about the repercussions of social media on the way we view the world. It’s no secret that the majority of the population doesn’t post pictures or a status chronicling a failure or showcasing the 10 year old sweats that were worn to the grocery store but I had never thought of how this may effect us. What we discussed, is that the perfect world portrayed on instagram, facebook, blogs, etc. can create unrealistic expectations for our own life and even cause feelings of inadequacy.
My favorite part of this conversation, that has stuck with me since, is when my friend proclaimed “life isn’t always beautiful”. I love that. And while I’m not trying to start a mass campaign against social media, I wanted to share the reminder with all of you that I am telling myself today. Life isn’t always beautiful, even if it’s potrayed that way, and I think that’s okay. So this weekend, and weeks forward, I’m trying to keep persepective, and keep from comparing.

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