How to make your locket even more attractive

by Dori C.

Lockets are a form of personalized jewelry. They have been around for centuries now and you think of them as vintage. A locket is a piece of jewelry mostly necklaces that allows you to carry images of loved ones or quotes and messages that are dear to you. The pendant attached to the chain of the jewelry can open up to show what is inside.

A lot of us recognize lockets from classic movies in the ’70s or ’80s. They were very popular back in the day as symbols of love. Although they have lasted for centuries now, they did not lose their ability to trend in the world of fashion. They can be worn with any outfit. Lockets can also serve as a memorial or a traditional neckpiece. kette mit bild are even more beautiful. If you want one, you should click that link.

A brief walk down history lane

Lockets are believed to have evolved from other jewelry types the same way the talisman and amulets evolved from other jewelry. Lockets were initially used to carry small items like perfumes, medicines, herbs, locks of hair, etc. Some persons are of the notion that lockets evolved from amulets that have protective powers. In time past, where the only way to see a loved one when you are apart was either to draw them or carry their photos around, a locket came in very handy.

As we move from century to century, the significance of lockets has greatly evolved. In the 1700s and 1800s, lockets were worn as a piece of mourning jewelry that carried pictures of a dead loved one. They were used as a memorial to honor the dead.

When Prince Albert died, the queen wore a locket that bore a picture of him to honor his memory which later turned out as a fashion trend for the upper and middle class. In times of war, soldiers often carry pictures of their wives or lovers or notes from them in lockets worn around their necks as a bracelet.

Ranking the Most Interesting things to put in your locket

Haven through gone through the history of lockets, we understand their significance and common item kept in them. Other pictures of loved ones and family, there are other fun things we can keep in them such as;

  • Notes

Notes are fun things to leave in a locket. You could put a handwritten note for the person you are gifting the locket to or a short love letter.

  • Quotes

Your favorite quote or message is also a nice thing to put in your locket. It can serve as a daily reminder or words or inspiration and assurance.

  • Map coordinates

Map coordinates of where you met your special someone or where you got engaged is also a fun option to put in your locket. Others might not know what the numbers imply, but they will always mean something to you. This makes it more fun and secretive.

  • Hair locs

While this might seem creepy to certain people, others think of it as having a more personal feel of your loved one. If you are to gift this to someone, be sure they are okay with it before giving it to them.

  • Special numbers or dates

Like map coordinates, you could put anniversary dates, birthdays, or the day you met in your locket.


In my opinion, lockets are the best jewelry gifts. They have a special feel to them. Locket does more than keeping memories, they are a unique bond of love and romance.

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