4 Crucial Maintenance Tips for Custom Engraved Bracelets

by Dori C.

Let’s face it: everybody’s custom engraved bracelets needs a good cleaning occasionally. If you take a keen look at your engraved bracelets, you’ll notice your precious bracelet getting plain grimy or tarnished.

So, how do you clean your engraved bracelets quickly, safely and efficiently?

All jewelry needs your care and attention to remain at their sparkling best. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ll help you with our top tips to clean and care for your engraved jewelry.

But first, you should know….

What is Tarnish?

It’s a thin layer of corrosion that forms on your bracelet, resulting in the formation of the undesirable dark coating. Tarnish merely is the dulling of your jewelry that occurs from a chemical reaction with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere.

In addition to the air, your engraved bracelets will react with your skin alkaline levels. The presence of amino acids and sulfur in perspiration can cause discoloration to your jewelry.

Cleaning your bracelets regularly will help prevent this type of discoloration.


So, let’s get started on cleaning your bracelets.

  • Check Your Custom Engraved Bracelets Regularly

It can be hard to realize your bracelet needs a clean. Maybe because you wear it daily and don’t notice any changes or because it’s in your storage and you don’t look at it quite often.

Well, this isn’t good. We suggest you look at your precious bracelets every six to twelve months. Give them a thorough assessment, and it’s possible that all your bracelets could do with some spruce-ups. 

The good news, cleaning for most jewelry pieces is quite easy.

  • What Cleans Jewelry at Home?

Washing your jewelry is the most straightforward cleaning step to do. Almost all jewelry pieces can benefit from this step. But do you know what to use in the exercise?

You’ll need some warm water and a gentle liquid soap to wash your bracelets clean. Hand soap, soap for woolens and Castile soap should work as well. Just make sure they don’t have any moisturizer or harsh chemicals.

Use a soft brush or cloth to get the grime out of any crevices. Once it’s clean, start the drying process.

  • Clean Tarnished Jewelry with a Polishing Cloth

Engraved bracelets will tarnish over time. It’s a normal process and tarnishes aren’t tough to clean from precious metals.

If your bracelet has a tarnish, a precious metal polishing cloth can help. They’re so many polishing cloths available for sale online, choose the one you like and start the process.

Once you’re done, give the bracelet a rinse and dry it, to rid any chemical residue.

  • Store Your Engraved Bracelet Carefully

 Now, your bracelet is clean, and you need to think on how best to store it. You don’t want to start cleaning it too soon.

Avoid storing your bracelets in a humid area-especially in your bathroom. Higher humidity levels will speed up the tarnishing process. But what happens if you live in a wet area, take extra care and clean your bracelets regularly.

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