Polo Shirts Wholesale Deals: All About Polo Shirts

by Dori C.

There’s just something about a polo shirt that showcases a blend of elegance and simplicity. They are a favorite in many men’s wardrobes as they are easy to wear and seem to go with everything casual. You almost can never go wrong wearing a polo shirt, no matter how badly fashioned you think you are.

This is why many men love to have them in different designs and colors. A good way to get an array of choices is to get the best polo shirts wholesale deals by buying in bulk and having to choose different shades of colors and styles.

Polo shirts are popular all over the world. To help throw more light on this incredible clothing style, let’s take a look at some random polo facts.

Polo and the sports

Although the name of the shirt bears similarity with the name of a sport and is often worn by the players, polo shirts did not originate from Polo sport. There’s no need to go in-depth about the true origin of these polo shirts. When it comes to sports, polo was first used in tennis.

Think of the tennis you know today but being played with trousers, dress shirt, and even a tie. All of these garments were worn under the hot, glazing summer sun. It was only a matter of time before a change was needed.

René Lacoste, a seven-time Gram Slam winner decided to do something about it by making and debuting his own kind of shirt. He made a shirt with a lightweight, breathable material with just few buttons towards the neck area and could be tucked into his trousers. He wore it for the 1926 U.S Open tournament and went on to win it. Since he was often called the crocodile, he chose the animal as the popular logo on all Lacoste polo shirts.

It was only a matter of time before every man was longing to have a polo shirt. Soon enough, other sports like Polo started using the shirt.

Fashion style — How to wear a polo shirt

Fashion styles keep evolving and changing every decade. So, it’s hard to keep tabs on the Dos and don’ts of the fashion world. However, when it comes to polo shirts, here are some popular fashion styles on how to wear them.

Should you wear an undershirt?

Going by the original design of polo shirts, they were meant to be breathable apparel. Wearing an undershirt makes the entire purpose defeated. The idea is to wear a polo shirt with matching shorts or pants and let that summer breeze get to your skin. However, if you choose to wear an undershirt, wear one one whose neckline is not exposed on the neck of the polo shirt.

Should you pop the collar?

This is a tricky one. There was a time where every male who considers himself sexy popped the collar of their polo shirts and it was trendy. Truth is that style has receded and returned to wherever it came from. You’re better off leaving the collar down. However, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in raising them to protect your neck from the scorching heat of the sun.


It’s impossible to go wrong with polo shirts. They’ll probably outlive all other men’s clothing styles. As long as they’re still trendy, make sure you get the best polo shirts wholesale deals and get your wardrobe stocked with different designs and colors.

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